Endpoint: https://api.omnisend.com/v3/orders

Order payment statuses:

awaitingPaymentAwaiting payment
partiallyPaidPartially paid
paidOrder paid
partiallyRefundedPartially refunded
voidedPayment canceled

Order fulfillment statuses:

unfulfilledorder placed
inProgressorder in progress
fulfilledorder prepared for pickup (if delivery type pickup selected) or shipped
deliveredorder has been picked up by or delivered to customer

Order cancellation

If order was cancelled - pass canceledDate parameter and cancelReason (optional)

Product categories

To be able to use segmentation by ordered product categories, you need to pass product.categoryIDs within order and all your categories using categories endpoint.


orderIDstringOrder ID from your system
orderNumberstringOrder number. Showed on invoices, etc.
emailstringContact's email address
contactIDstringContact's ID in our system
lastNamestringLast name
companystringCompany name
phonestringPhone number, E.164 format. Phone number in other formats will be accepted, but won't be used in our system (automation, etc.)
cartIDstringCart ID from which order was made
shippingMethodstringShipping method/title
trackingCodestringParcel tracking code
courierTitlestringCourier title
courierUrlstringParcel tracking url
orderUrlstringLink to order page
sourcestringOrder source
tagsarray of stringsArray of order tags
discountCodestringIf available - discount code used for order
currencystringCurrency ISO 4217 code
subTotalSumintegerSub total sum in cents
subTotalTaxIncludedbooleanWhether subTotalSum includes taxes, default: false
orderSumintegerFinal order sum in cents
discountSumintegerTotal discount in cents
discountValueintegerDiscount value: sum in cents for fixedAmount type; percentage value for percentage type; empty for freeShipping
discountTypestringDiscount type: percentage, fixedAmount, freeShipping
taxSumintegerTax sum in cents
shippingSumintegerShipping sum in cents
createdAtstring (format: date-time)Order creation date. ISO 8601 format. Example: 2017-06-30T17:00:00Z
updatedAtstring (format: date-time)Order update date. ISO 8601 format. Example: 2017-06-30T17:00:00Z
contactNotestringContact's note
paymentMethodstringPayment method (example: paypal, credit card).
paymentStatusstringSee above for available statuses. You need to map your status with our statuses.
canceledDatestringIf order was canceled - cancellation date. ISO 8601 format. Example: 2017-06-30T17:00:00Z
cancelReasonstringOrder cancel reason
fulfillmentStatusstringSee above for available statuses. You need to map your status with our statuses.
billingAddressobjectObject for billing address
shippingAddressobjectObject for shipping address
countryCodestringISO 3166-1 country code, 3 characters. Example: USA
stateCodestringState code
addressstringAddress (street, house, apartment)
address2stringAddress second line
postalCodestringContact's postal or zip code.
productsarrayArray or products
productIDstringProduct ID
skustringProduct's stock keeping unit
variantIDstringProduct variant identificator
variantTitlestringProduct variant title
titlestringProduct title
vendorstringProduct's vendor
weightintegerProduct's weight in grams
quantityintegerQuantity - only whole number.
priceintegerFinal price in cents (with discount, with taxes, etc.)
discountintegerDiscount sum in cents.
imageUrlstringLink to product image
productUrlstringLink to product page
categoryIDsarray of stringsArray of categories ID's. Pass all categories ID's, including all parent categories ID's, to which product belongs.
product.tagsarray of stringsArray of order product tags