Update an existing contact in the Omnisend system.

  • HTTP Method: PATCH

  • Endpoint: https://api.omnisend.com/v3/contacts/{contactID}

  • Replace {contactID} with the actual contact's ID in our system.

Updating a Contact

To update a contact, make a PATCH request to the provided endpoint. Only include the fields you want to update for the contact.

Example: PATCH https://api.omnisend.com/v3/contacts/696969

Request Parameters

  • contactID (path parameter): The unique ID of the contact in our system.

Updating Fields

You can update any field for the contact, except for the email address (identifiers.id value for type email).

  • Note: Phone numbers (identifiers.id value for type phone) will be added or updated only if they are not already assigned to another contact.
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