Endpoint: https://api.omnisend.com/v3/carts

For "abandoned carts" workflow to work right - it's needed:

  • integrate carts and orders API (backend api or frontend or mixed)
  • integrate tracking from abandoned cart email part

Abandoned cart email tracking

  • When user will click on link in abandoned cart email, we'll pass url parameters omnisendContactID and write them according to omnisendContactID cookies.
  • Link example: http://www.your-store.com/cartrestore/cart1234567/?omnisendContactID=4785497456
  • when user will make order - pass back cartID along other order information
  • if your client will add products to basket and wont be logged in - use omnisendContactID cookie to identify user
  • if you need to get user's email from contactID use API method GET /contacts/{contactID}

Read more about abandoned cart integration in Guides part.


contactIDstringContact's identifier
cartIDstringUnique cart ID. Generate your own ID. Later you can use it to restore abandoned cart.
emailstringContact's email
phonestringContact's phone number
createdAtstringCart creation date. ISO 8601 format. (example: 2017-05-30T14:11:12Z)
updatedAtstringCart update date. ISO 8601 format. (example: 2017-05-30T14:11:12Z)
currencystringISO 4217 currency code
cartSumintegerCart total sum (with taxes and discounts) in cents. For example for 1.25 USD will be 125
cartRecoveryUrlstring(format:url)Link to your store to restore abandoned cart. We'll add cartID query parameter to this link and use this link in abandoned cart workflow emails. When user clicks this link, your system should restore user cart.
productsarray of objectsArray of products
products.cartProductIDstringProduct identificator in cart. Generate your own.
products.productIDstringProduct ID
products.variantIDstringProduct modification identificator
products.skustringProduct stock keeping unit
products.titlestringProduct or variant title
products.descriptionstringProduct description. We'll strip it to 30 words.
products.quantityintegerQuantity - only whole number.
products.priceintegerFinal price in cents (with discount, with taxes, etc.)
products.oldPriceintegerProducts old price in cents (with discount, with taxes, etc.)
products.discountintegerDiscount sum in cents.
products.imageUrlstringLink to product image
products.productUrlstringLink to product page